Can I work directly with the builder?

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The answer is “yes.” Our team consists of our real estate professionals, Choice Escrow, our building superintendent and employees, and finally, our independent sub-contractors and vendors. Each team member plays an important role in the building and sales process and we rely on everyone collectively to ensure an on-time completion date and successful closing.

From consummating the real estate contract, advising on color and amenity choices, and accounting for upgrades/changes during the building phase, to communicating with the buyer’s lender, appraiser, inspector and title agent to finalize the sales contract, is an integral part of the sales process.

Our buyers work directly with Trent Cowherd during many phases of the building process including, but not limited to:

Initial meeting to review and revise floor plans
Pricing and upgrade options
Front elevation, plan dimensions and construction details
Open wall (framing) walk-thru (during plumbing, electrical and HVAC rough-in)
As necessary, for modifications, customization or upgrades with sub-contractors
Home inspection
Final walk-thru and new home orientation

By using the strengths and abilities of our team to complete the tasks involved in a build contract, Trent is able to focus more time and attention to each home and client during the building process. Although we have many homes under construction at any given time, the greatest compliment we receive is how competent and professional our team is and how they appreciate the care and concern they were given during the entire process. At Cowherd Construction, we pride ourselves on nothing less!

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