Dear Realtor

Thank you for your client’s interest and consideration of a Cowherd home. Cowherd Homes is one of the Springfield area’s largest builders and the #1 choice for a custom built home. As you know, building a custom home is an exciting and emotional time for your buyers, and it is our goal to make the process as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

Please use the following information packet as a guide to assist you and your buyer through the home building process.

Include ALL forms and verbiage with submittal of your INITIAL offer

  • Vendor Selection Form
  • Realtor Information Sheet
  • New Construction Addendum
  • Change Order Form
  • Warranty

The downloadable PDF files collectively contain the necessary forms. Please make sure your packet includes the following completed documents along with the MREC forms:

1) Standard Contract Language
2) Vendor List (2 Pages)
3) Residential Sprinkler Form
4) Residential Sprinkler Brochure (2 Pages)
5) New Home Repair Addendum (2 Pages)

Additional Documents

Builder will provide at completion of home:

Builder Floor Plan (If Applicable)

Front Elevation (If Applicable)

1Certificate of Occupancy

2 Builder Warranty

3Certificate of Termite Pre-Treatment and Warranty

4Warranty Contact Information

5Seller’s Disclosures